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The H's
Recorded on Harrison Mills - South on
2016-04-23 | 21:02:46 +-7:00
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The H's

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2016-04-24 | 6:18:07 +00:00


Michelle wrote
9:03 pm
Dad is crying quietly....and Mom just came back
he doesn't want to get off the eggs....I hope he is alright and not hurt....I think there could have been a fight out there in the dark!
His posture is odd....kind of like he's mantling/protective?
9:06 pm they are both so upset
Mom wants Dad to get up....she finally moves close to him, gives him a nudge to get up

9:07 pm He is moving slowly towards the BB, seems to be moving fine, no limps or wings out for balance.
Mom moves right in to the eggs and is tending to them

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