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The H's
Recorded on Harrison Mills - North on
2016-04-23 | 21:07:10 +-7:00
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The H's

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2016-04-24 | 6:48:37 +00:00


Michelle wrote
There he is .....looking all about....I can't believe there is so much night-time flying going on

Karen wrote
Okay now I see we were posting at the same time. Thanks, Michelle, for the screenshots of Pa out on a limb somewhere close enough to be seen by the camera. Eagles can fly short distances at night but we don't often see examples of night flying.

And from me

I think Dad flew to Mom+Dads perch close to the nest..JMO

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Created by: meerkat10
Camera: Pete's Pond

A wonderful sighting of a Cheetah family visiting PP at 2017-03-29

2 hours ago