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Jackals odd behavior
Recorded on Pete's Pond on
2017-03-06 | 9:41:07 +02:00
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Jackals odd behavior

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2017-03-06 | 10:10:23 +00:00

jackal acting strange zebras cant quite figure it out

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2017-03-06 | 12:12:12 +00:00
Yes, I do think the jackal may have a tummy ache and doesn't feel well, but it certainly isn't being aggressive. Aggressive behavior might be a worry, but I suspect Rita is right, and the jackal will be okay once he coughs up what's bothering him.
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2017-03-06 | 11:05:59 +00:00
looks like it is hacking, my dog acts like this when it has a stomach ache, drooling, hacking and coughing. Usually happens with my dog after eating bones
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2017-03-06 | 10:55:38 +00:00
This Jackal has been hanging around the pond all morning, acting quite weird and at one time, it was actually drinking mud while the water was right there.
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Created by: Bailey5111

Parent comes from R to L hillside and circles multiple times over the river

5 hours ago