Problems getting the LIVE stream.

Currently Telkom Media limit the total number of simultaneous connections to the video servers so that it does not exceed their allocated international bandwidth. If you are able to make a connectionn it means that you have one of the about 80 slots available . If you then do not have a full 25 frame [...]

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Huge traffic to WildEarth!!

Due to unprecedented levels of traffic some of our viewers outside of South Africa may be experiencing difficulty accessing the WildEarth stream, or find that the stream buffers a lot.Telkom Media and WildEarth are working as hard and as fast as we can to keep up with demand and hopefully soon we will have more [...]

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WildEarth on YouTube

Well WE (WildEarth) have been broadcasting for a few days now. We have had some great drives ... thanks Pieter, Jan and Hayley. If you missed some of the action you can watch it again courtesy of other WildEarthers who have been recording highlights from the drives and posting them on You Tube. Please become [...]

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