I am sure that you have noticed, Pieter and Hayley have disappeared from your screens. They have gone on leave for two weeks and will be back with us on 4th June. A young man by the name of Rodney has joined us for six weeks as a Final Control Director. You will be hearing a lot of his voice over the next few weeks.

Their is a cold front passing through the country
and at night temperatures are dropping to below freezing. Nick and Helen are having to wrap up in many layers when driving in the early morning and late evening. This cold weather is one of the reasons why we are having an increased number of power cuts in the area. More and more people are using heaters in the surrounding villages which is causing power outages. When you receive the apology notice on your screen then you know there has been a power cut.

Our second waterhole camera, Buffelshoek, will soon be ready. At this waterhole there are often elephant and buffalo along with a resident hippo that moves in and out.

We are still trying to iron out difficulties behind the scenes and are still waiting on a content distribution network. However, WE can assure you that we are working hard to solve these problems. Thanks again for all of your support.