WE are sorry that we have not posted to our blog for the last few days, but all of us at WildEarth have been working extremely hard to lay fibre optic cable, move our final control, upgrade our game drive transmission system and build a new generator house.

Over the weekend we did miss a few drives and for that we are very sorry. Normally we work very hard to make sure we depart on time for both our game drives every day. There are still a few small issues that persist like; the video out connector on our new camera has broken after just one week and has now been sent to Johannesburg for repair. (seems like the cameras just can’t take the rough African conditions that WE put them through). James has let us use his camera while the new one is fixed. James is a big wave surfer and mechanical engineer that has come to the camp for two weeks to help install all the new systems. You will also see his work on the drives as he is also an accomplished camera man.

Very few of the upgrades will be noticeable to you, which is unfortunate. most of them centre around improved network performance and resilience to lightning and power cuts. However, the biggest upgrade, while not visible, is an increased traversing area because of a better transmission system from the game drive vehicle. This means that we can drive further from camp and still get a perfect signal back. This will definitely mean more exciting sightings. The other big change is that we moved our final control from Jurie and Pippa’s (the owners of Djuma) office down to our camp. While this won’t have any visible effect it has certainly made life for our crew easier … and a happy crew means better TV.

Finally, some of our upgrades, like the fibre optic cable and the generators, will only make a difference when summer comes and brings the big rains with their very destructive lightning storms. WE will now be able to carry on bringing you your fix of Africa that much more regularly.

Also, over the next few weeks you should see a steady improvement in our Infra Red camera work after the sun goes down on the landy. WE are experimenting with different lights, lenses and processes … but like every aspect of our broadcast, the one thing you can always be assured of is that we will never give up in our quest to bring the African wilderness LIVE into your life … it’s in our nature.