What an exciting 24 hours. Yesterday evening Nick and Helen caught up with Karula moments after she had killed a duiker and WE watched as she quickly hauled the carcass up into a tree before a hungry hyena could steal it.

This morning when the team got to the same place to check up on the scene, they discovered a big male leopard. His name is Tyson and he is so big that initially Nick thought that he was a lioness. He was there to steal Karula’s kill. He chased her away several times until she eventually got the message. Very exciting … and a little scary.

WE are now worried because nobody has seen the cubs since yesterday. Tyson is not the father of the cubs, WE think that the Jordaan Male is their daddy. It is quite common for male leopards to kill cubs if they are not the father. They do this in order that they can mate with the female when she comes into oestrus again. WE are concerned that he may have killed the cubs and this afternoon Nick and Helen will be on a mission to see if they can find them. Hopefully Karula had them well hidden and Tyson was more concerned with stealing her kill than killing her cubs.