Yesterday morning Pieter found Karula and both of her cubs just outside room 4 at Vuyatela lodge. She apparently had a kill in a large Jackalberry tree, which was stolen by a lioness that climbed into the tree before the WE camera vehicle arrived.

WE now believe that she has one male and one female cub. The male cub seems a lot more confident around the vehicles than his sister, who has a tendency to hide away, which is why WE thought that she may have been killed. She now appears to be becoming a lot more relaxed.

A leopard’s spot pattern is as unique as a human fingerprint. The ‘necklace’ around Karula’s neck is one of her most noticeable markings. Next time you see her on the drive make a point of spotting her necklace. Over time WE will identify markings on the two cubs and as they get old enough to move off on their own, they will be getting names. Its always interesting to see how leopards get their names in the Sabi Sands. Each area has a different way of naming these amazing cats and the style of the names can often give some hint as to what part of the Sabi Sands the leopard comes from.