Well once again it has been a tough few days as WE have had a camera failure again. As a result we missed two drives while we arranged for the newly repaired and modified HD camera to be flown into Djuma from Johannesburg.

While all this was going on a pride of lion had killed a buffalo very close to the Gowrie dam just in front of Vuyatela lodge and as a result we have had a lot of lion action around.

This has made it very difficult for Jan to repair a phantom fault on the Gowrie Cam … because there are lion all around. He is planning to get to the camera this morning so that WE can figure out what is going on with this normally very reliable camera.

Many of you, our viewers, have been asking for an update on the increased size of the Landy/Jeep (more stream slots) and unfortunately we can’t yet report that we are ready to implement the new plan. However WE can assure you all, that the strategy is being worked upon vigorously and you will see the results shortly. There are some very exciting developments being discussed at the moment.

WE are also well aware that our Infra Red camera at the waterhole at night is not very exciting and again we assure you that WE can do a lot better. However the main problem is not the camera or lights, but rather the lack of being able to operate the camera through the night. For a variety of reasons including a lack of accommodation and budget WE are unable to resolve this right now. In time our nocturnal viewing has the potential to be exceptional and WE will not miss the opportunity to WOW you …. its in our nature.