Drives that break … and WOW!

WE have had a series of technical difficulties over the weekend with our game drive vehicle. Problems with the fuel line and bad power connections on the encoder, but all is well now. This morning, and last night, WE had great drives. With a beautiful pride of lions including 4 cubs, Karula with her cub [...]

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A big thank you to Reckson Ntimane.

A great big "thank you" to Reckson and Djuma for his guest appearance on the game drive today.WE all thought he was great and especially enjoyed his insight into Djuma from the perspective of having worked here for so many years and having lived in the area all his life. WE loved hearing about the [...]

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Our Eye at Vuyatela is working again.

Well eventually the camera system at Gowrie dam in front of Vuyatela lodge is up and running again. Jan and Pieter found our ongoing gremlin. It turned out to be a very old electrical connection that had filled up with water and was causing that particular power circuit to trip.The other good news is that [...]

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