Well, after a good few late nights and a lot of driving around the Lowveld, WE have a new set of batteries and a lot of maintenance on the game drive vehicle under the belt. Hopefully drives will be a bit smoother … although the starter motor continues to worry.

Thanks for your patience over the last few days. The toll on equipment with what WE are trying to do is hard to overstate. One day WE will have everything that we could wish for, so that we can keep bringing you the African wilderness LIVE … its in our nature.

In the meantime WE would like to try a little experiment. We have setup an email address in the final control and want to try and answer some of your wildlife questions. WE will not respond to every mail, but the director on duty will read them and give some of them to the presenter on the next drive to answer at his discretion. The address is: finalcontrol@wildearth.tv

WE look forward to developing an interactive aspect to our drives and this is just the first step on a long road. Please be nice in the mails … its in your nature.