Well this morning early, Djuma had a little rain, about 2mm. Not much but a beginning. WE decided not to go out on our morning drive as we are worried about damaging our sensitive game drive broadcast equipment in the rain. The two new vehicles that WE are busy designing will be fully waterproof and designed to operate in all weather, but the existing version could get damaged in a heavy downpour.

Also, WE continue to have ongoing trouble with the batteries. Over the weekend we will be replacing a set of batteries and the charger. Hopefully that will help the situation a little. As you have probably noticed Pieter and Hayley are back from their rest in Cape Town and Jan is up in Johannesburg for his two week break … although as I write this, Emily and Jan are watching the drive … it really for sure is in their nature.

WE have added two new links on the right hand navigation bar at the bottom so that you can subscribe to RSS feeds. One that will keep you updated with this blog and the other that will keep you updated with the amazing videos recorded by other viewers and posted to You Tube. Enjoy … it’s in your nature.