The rain has still not come and everyone needs it now … badly. Sometimes we call this the desperation months as the animals, bush and people desperately wait for the rain.

There have been a lot of elephant and buffalo around for the past while. They come to the Sabi Sands in greater numbers during the end of winter because of all the waterholes. The Kruger Park have been closing man made waterholes for the past few years.

Pieter and Hayley are on their two week break in Cape Town and will be arriving back in camp on Sunday 23rd of September and will do their first drive on Monday morning. Jan goes off on the same day. Robert will be trying his hand at directing over the next few days and Jan will go on camera after being stuck in the final control for the past week.

WE have had a few difficulties with the sound on the game drive vehicle, but Jan has been working on improving it. WE are aware of the difficulties and will always keep trying to improve it. Yesterday saw a long (5 hour) power cut and most of our systems handled it well. However one UPS (that supports our router) cut out after 3 hours and we will be upgrading that. The rain is coming and when it arrives WE will have to contend with some dramatic African lightning. Behind the scenes we are working hard to waterproof and earth all our equipment … in order to survive the onslaught. Wish us luck.

From tomorrow we will be starting the morning drive half an hour earlier at 06h00 (CAT) instead of at 06h30 (CAT) as a result the drive will finish half an hour earlier at 09h00 (CAT).