The story behind the Mapogo males.

With dark grey clouds hovering above the Sabi Sands in Djuma, I bring to you the history of six of the most notorious male lions in our area ... the Mapogo Males. Nobody in the area really knows how many there actually are, but I've asked around and have tried to put together the pieces [...]

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Lion Hunt

WE caught up with the Kahuma Pride last night and once again they were trying to find food to feed the numerous mouths that now make up this huge group. This time it was seven of the females but WE noticed that two of the females were limping. This is very likely to be a [...]

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… is this the changing of the leopard guard?

WE really for sure have had some great drives recently ... it's in our nature (thankfully).Yesterday we watched as a couple of elephant bulls came upon the buffalo carcass, that the Karuma pride killed a few days ago. The elephants touched, sniffed and moved the bones around ... what were they thinking? They have no [...]

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The rain has begun … and WE survived!

Well on Saturday night the rain began to fall and it went on and on. By midday on Sunday more than 40 mm of rain had fallen ... really for sure that is a good start to the summer. The bush is in full transformation, there is water everywhere, which is why the waterholes are [...]

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