WE really for sure have had some great drives recently … it’s in our nature (thankfully).
Yesterday we watched as a couple of elephant bulls came upon the buffalo carcass, that the Karuma pride killed a few days ago. The elephants touched, sniffed and moved the bones around … what were they thinking? They have no need of the carcass and showed us their intelligence as they were obviously thinking intently about it. They have the ability to understand death and it’s meaning in relation to their own lives … just like us.
Shortly thereafter Pieter and Rex came upon Tyson (not pictured above) a big male leopard who is relatively new to the area (Note: WE are not absolutely certain that this is Tyson. If you have images or theories of who this leopard is please mail to ).
WE have heard that Tyson had a fight with Mafufanyane (another male leopard) on Arathusa, next door to Djuma, which he won. The current theory is that Tyson may be making an attempt to take over Mafufunyane’s territory, which is borne out by the fact that WE have not seen Mafufunyane, the father of Karula’s cubs, for more than 3 weeks.
If a male leopard was to take over Mafufanyane’s territory he may not necessarily kill the cubs (infanticide) as is very common in lions when a takeover occurs.
WE now have confirmation that there are another 5 cubs born to the Karuma pride of lions, bringing their total to 14 cubs. WE haven’t seen the 5 new babies … yet. However, it is only a matter of time before the pride bring the new additions to Djuma to meet the world. WE’ll be ready when the pride are ready … it’s in our nature.
Rex goes on leave for two weeks next Tuesday and Rob gets back from his break on the same day. The bush is going super green, WE continue to try and sort out the odd difficulty on the ‘tank’ like sound, points, starter, batteries, etc.
(Note: The photograph above was taken by Mike Moss at Lion Sands in the southern part of the Sabi Sands. Mike if you know anything about this leopard please post the information as a comment. Thanks for letting us use your pic, clearly it’s in your nature to share.)

Lets try to identify this fella. Note the distinctive heart shape between his eyes.