WE caught up with the Kahuma Pride last night and once again they were trying to find food to feed the numerous mouths that now make up this huge group. This time it was seven of the females but WE noticed that two of the females were limping. This is very likely to be a hunting accident. These girls need to take down buffalo in order to get enough food to feed everyone and so far they have been extremely successful. However,a problem is emerging. The rains started early and as a result the grass has flourished. The buffalo have become a lot more powerful and can easily fight off a group of lion. WE reckon that the Kahuma pride have probably not eaten anything substantial for four or five days. Last night the buffalo got away but WE think that the lions decided that they looked too strong and healthy and that it wasn’t worth getting injured. The lions are looking lean but it is not a crisis situation yet. They were seen this morning by Djuma Rangers on an area that WE cannot traverse and apparently they did not kill last night. If they haven’t killed by Thursday we are sure that they will be getting desperate.
As successful as the Kahuma Pride have been in taking down Buffalo, we can re-assure you that ‘The Judge’, ‘One Horn’ and ‘See Saw’ are all healthy and well. All three have been seen within the last week.
Djuma is in desperate need of rain again. There has not been any rain for two weeks and the dams are drying up. By the end of the week WE predict that Gowrie will be completely dry. The grass is starting to look unhealthy and it won’t be long before the animals start feeling it. Lets hope that we get rain soon and lots of it.
We are looking forward to impala lambing season. Most of the impalas mate within a two month window in April and May and therefore give birth in the two months of November and December towards the main rains. This is the optimum time as there is more food for the mothers so the babies can be healthy. As you can imagine the predators have an absolute field day but this is the main reason why they all give birth at the same time. The huge numbers of young mean that they are more likely to survive. It is amazing to see so many babies running around and WE look forward to it immensely………’it’s in our nature’.
Finally, WE have changed our drive times as summer is fast approaching. The evenings stay light for longer and the days are hotter. Drives now start at 4pm and finish at 7pm.