Farewell Rob … WE’ll miss you.

Rexon and Jan will be leaving for a while. Jan is going on his two week break and Rex is going to Johannesburg where he will attend some presenter coaching. Pieter and Hayley return from their holiday and from Sunday morning Pieter will be presenting again.On a different note, and harder to write about, Rob [...]

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Hopefully they’re here to stay.

3 November 2007, Pieter, Rob and the Wild Earth crew had the Great honor of bringing you a pack of four beautiful and rare; Wild Dogs ... LIVE.Pieter's sudden outburst, filled with pure adrenalin, got me, and I am sure all of you, on the edge of our seats in mere seconds. It was really [...]

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,,, WE aren’t always on top!

Last night there was a massive electrical storm over Djuma. Although not much rain fell, the power went off and WE lost the Internet connection through which we send you the LIVE video stream. When we woke up this morning it was still down. As a result there was no drive this morning and there [...]

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“Peace” vs “Power”

WE all know Karula, after all she is our favourite leopard. Rexon and Pieter have already told us what her name means, but for those who don’t know, Karula means "Peace". From her early day’s here in the Sabi Sands, she began to slowly but surely creep into the hearts of the rangers, trackers, guests [...]

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