The whole team at WildEarth hope that everybody has had a very merry Xmas and that you all have an exceptional new year. WE wish you everything you wish yourselves.
Right now WE have two tech problems that are causing your viewing to be less than ideal. One we understand and one we don’t. The buffering we don’t yet have a handle on. It got better and now its become a problem again for some of our viewers, particularly those in North America. The problem is somewhere between our servers and you. It may happen that this problem can only be put to rest finally in the new year.
The other problem, the batteries, can only be solved in the new year. You see, the video/audio transmission equipment on the game drive vehicle is very power hungry and so WE use 8 x 25 kilogram batteries mounted behind the ranger’s seat. Because of constant heavy charging and discharging they have lost most of their capacity. The only thing that WE can do is to replace the whole set of batteries and that can only happen in the new year when our suppliers reopen their businesses.
All of us at WildEarth understand how frustrating it is … I am sure you can understand that all WE want to do is get out there and find you the animals … its in our nature.

On a different note, you may have noticed the dramatic filling up of the Vuyatela (or Gowrie) waterhole. Well Djuma has had an excellent rainy season so far. There are streams everywhere and water just pouring out of the ground in some places. In fact it all looks better than it has in years. 2008 is going to be a great year for our beloved Djuma and the animals and people that live here.