The Mapogos tend to spend most of their time in the southern parts of the Sabi Sands and enter Djuma from Chitwa or Hoffmans, crossing Cheetah cut line on to central road, then they pass around Gowrie waterhole area- and take Vuytela access road to Gowrie gate and cross into Simbambilli in the west and head back south from there. They are currently mating with one of the styx pride females. It is said that there are now 6 males in the Mapogo coalition … again, that is true, but there is some speculation on who this other male might be. Some say that he is the brother who got killed by that croc in Mala Mala, other say he was a nomadic male who came from a different pride. All the guides in the area, are getting worried because the Mapogos are causing mayhem where ever they go! They have driven other lions out of the park and these lions have now started hunting cattle in the rural areas.
There are many stories of the Mapogos killing, attacking and taking over. These two videos were taken by Andre de Kock on his cell phone last winter at Arathusa of the Mapogos attacking the Tsalala pride and killing their cubs.

As many of you know our very own Kahuma pride were attacked and Blondie (one of the two male lions in control of the pride) was killed. The Kahumas fled into Manyaleti to the north with their 14 cubs and under the leadership of Dozie. This morning it was reported that their was an ‘interaction’ between some of the Kahuma females and the Mapogos on Djuma’s northern border. Nobody was hurt, but clearly the Mapogos wish to mate with the Kahuma lionesses (along with every other lioness in the Sands), but because their cubs are still alive they are not receptive. It would appear that the Mapogos are not interested in travelling further north into the Manyaleti … so for the moment the Kahuma cubs are safe, WE just don’t get to see them.
There is little that can be done about these thugs. it has always been policy not to get involved in the natural progression of these things. However, there is now a lot of talk all over the Sands. Some have spoken of moving some of the Mapogos to another reserve or even shooting some of them. Everyone is angry, but decisions like this are highly unlikely and could only be taken by officials at the Kruger National Park, but it certainly shows the emotions these 6 big lions are bringing out.
On another note, Pieter is back and Hayley will be back from leave on the 17Th of this month. Drives will be going out at 05h30 (CAT) in the morning and 17h00 (CAT). Game drives are almost back to full length, thanks to James becoming a battery ‘master’. I think I speak for all of us when I say: “A big thank you James, for all the effort you put in.”