On the afternoon of the 13th February Pieter heard Charles on the Djuma radio channel report two wild dogs heading for Quarantine from Philemons cut line. WE had just left the big grassy plain known as Quarantine where a large heard of Impala were graizing as they meandered to Gowrie waterhole.
A few minutes later WE were waiting at the south east corner of Quarantine, near the bush braai site, when Pieter and James spotted the first wild dog.
What a special sighting. These rare animals are highly threatened and as a result we all see fewer and fewer each year. A few years ago was the last time that wild dogs denned on Djuma Game Reserve, and since then, the packs that have been coming through have gotten a lot smaller.
At first the dogs looked over the grassy plain with its big Marula trees and just took in the lay of the land. Sniffing the air, the first of the two males to arrive, realised that dinner might be served. Like most of the Djuma animals, he came right up to the ‘tank’ and introduced himself, showing no fear … and then he was off and the chase was on …

Pieter and James did an amazing job of keeping up with the two wild dogs as they ran through the long grass making repeated attempts to run down an impala.