For the past 4 days, Jan has been doing everything he can to figure out what is going on with Gowrie Cam. You see, when the game drive is not out and if Gowrie Cam is not working, WE have to stop encoding the stream, because WE have no source to encode. When this happens you get the dreaded ‘sorry’ screen.
WE have taken the camera down from the tree a few times. WE have checked all the cabling, power and connections, and we are now fairly convinced that the problem is inside the camera, although it is doing some things that we have never seen before on over 50 LIVE wildlife webcam installations all over the world … you learn something new every day!
While Jan continues to try and figure out what is going on, WE are waiting for the Buffelshoek camera to be repaired in Cape Town and when it is ready we will send it to Djuma to replace the Gowrie Cam.
The reason that Buffelshoek has not been repaired since the lightning struck and that young elephant bull decided to attack the camera cabling, is that we are in the process of a massive, and very expensive, upgrade in anticipation of the new WildEarth 24/7 LIVE High Definition TV channel, and don’t want to spend any more money on the existing system as it will be 100% replaced. However, because WE are still a few months away from bringing the new system online, we now have no choice but to do something about this failing old technology.
In any event WE apologise for the confusion and inconvenience, but assure you WE are not sitting around and WILL get these issues resolved … its in our nature!