Trouble on the Tank again.

Yesterday morning the inverter, that converts the battery power (12 volts DC) to 220 volts AC on the broadcast vehicle (the 'Tank'), began to smoke ... usually a very bad sign. We immediately tracked a new one down in Nelspruit and WE went to collect it. Late last night the team installed the new one [...]

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Farewell (this video will not embed for some reason)By WorldTeachers - March 14th 2008This was a very fitting tribute to a lioness killed at the prime of her life. I really enjoyed the editing and the music absolutely made it. It made me feel emotional and melancholy. I also really liked the fact that we [...]

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Baby Elephant Mock Charges JoyceFuller - 3rd April 2008Babies are always a serious seller for me but when there is such great behaviour as well, it’s a real winner. I absolutely love this clip, well done Joycefuller. The tiny mock charge surprised Pieter but I think just added to his passion for these animals. It really was a [...]

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African Wild Dog @ Kill Sagresta - 21st March 2008For me seeing Wild Dogs is always a wonderful sighting. I have still not managed to ever see one in real life in the wild, can you believe it? I particularly like this one because it shows you the amazing speed at which a pack of Wild Dogs can devour [...]

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Leopard Karulas Cubs Pt.2 Banditt066 - March 27th 2008A big thank you to Banditt066 for catching this, what an amazing video. The interaction and behaviour between these two cubs was beautiful to watch. Firstly they are youngsters, which as I said earlier always sell. Secondly they are leopards which are one of the most beautiful and graceful of [...]

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Pieter Finds Ellies sagresta - 3rd April 2008.Fantastic piece of footage for many reasons.The cameraman and presenter worked very well as a team. Everything that Pieter described was followed closely by Alex and vice versa. They told the story well together.I liked the fact that there were lots of close ups. When watching TV on the internet [...]

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