Unfortunately WE have to cancel this afternoons drive and most probably tomorrow mornings as well. You will be glad to hear that it is because we are moving all of our transmission equipment from the old ‘Tank’ to a new vehicle. It is not yet one of the brand new vehicles that we are planning but it is a necessary interim step. The new vehicle is a cute Landrover Defender and WE can assure you that it goes better than the ‘Tank’ (not that that is hard). So it is a chapter closed for the ‘Tank’. WE are sure that everyone will be devastated to see it go!! Everybody here is very excited to be moving to a vehicle with power steering, more power and a little more reliability. She is a lot younger (9 years old) and has travelled southern Africa extensively.
Also, James is going to help us put a second camera up at Gowrie waterhole. Jurie, Pippa and WE figured that we might as well turn the fact that Gowrie dam is bone dry to some good purpose. So we are going to put a second camera at the pan and move the Infra red lights there as well. This will dramatically improve the day and night viewing at what is going to turn out to be a super busy stretch of water this winter.
Alex has left on leave today, Pieter gets back this evening and Sue leaves tomorrow.