On Saturday afternoon I was presenting the drive and Alex was on camera. We were heading towards Guarrie pan when Alex spotted a vulture. Then we saw two more, and then three more. Immediately we knew something was up.
As we watched a stunning sunset, we speculated about the possibility that lions could be around. Sure enough around the next corner, two lionesses on a fresh kudu kill. The spiral horns told us straight away that it was a bull. It must have been killed around lunch time.The bush was very thick, but a great sighting all the same. One lioness looked like she has broken or damaged her jaw. Her right bottom canine tooth is protruding out next to her lip. On Sunday morning, I decided to open the drive with the lionesses. On Sunday afternoon, the radio chatter told me that lions are sleeping. So WE started around Buffelshoek dam, saw the hippo and a ‘new’ crocodile lying out on the bank. Great to see a croc again, WE don’t get a lot of them in our area generally. Next we head off to the lions, and about 600m from the dam, surprise, they cross the road in front of us, going to the water. Well of course we get there ahead of them. The croc ran back into the water next to us, hippo starts yawning, a blood red sunset and two lionesses drinking right in front of us! Well it just doesn’t get a lot better than that. Another day at the office.
This morning we heard hyaena’s during the night and we went back to the kill to find lots of vultures and hyena tracks. The two lionesses and the whole carcass had disappeared.
Written by Pieter Pretorius.