This self confessed bush addict grew up larking around in Kruger Park with his father. He learnt to track and find animals as a small child and soon became a professional field guide at the top of his field. Throughout his 10 year guiding career he became remarkably fond of his camera. He polished his stills photography to perfection and then fell in love with motion, and the rest was history. Having spent a bit of time filming the Knysna elephants he arrived at Djuma and WE are all very excited. With his incredible knowledge of the bush, fantastic photographic skills and enthusiasm for directing WE have found ourselves a serious jack of all trades – welcome Marco.

(News Note: There is a problem on the national data network between Nelspruit and Middelburg in South Africa. The LIVE video stream from us goes over this network and as a result our service has been erratic today, which is why you have been seeing the dreaded ‘sorry screen’ on occasion. WE are told that the problem is being attended to as a priority and all should be back to normal quite soon.)