Disco Duck

Banditt you have truly excelled yourself once again. This is one of the best WE videos I have ever seen. Rexon teaching Alex his special Shangaan dance was truly entertaining but the music and graphics that you have put the pictures to make this video fantastic. The use of speeding up the picture and getting [...]

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Celebration To Rexon

Well Rexon's true character has certainly come out over the last two weeks. He really has done WildEarth proud and WE love him more and more every day. He carried the game drives on his own for three weeks whilst Pieter was away and during that time he kept us very entertained. From singing and [...]

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WildEarth 5-4-08 Young Leopard

This was an amazing sighting. It happened a couple of weeks ago and I was directing that morning. I arrived in the FCC in the dark and Rex and Dan were already out in the bush. I saw on the screen that they had a beautiful leopard stalking in the grass. Rexon was calling me [...]

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WELCOME Back Pieter

Well this really was a highlight of the last two weeks. Pieter,as most of you know went to Namibia for nearly 3 weeks and was sorely missed here at WildEarth. Thanks to World Teachers for putting together this fitting video for his return. The music and editing was great and it certainly put a smile [...]

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Tanks for the Memories

This was beautifully made, well done Sagresta. The old style music and the flowers give it a real romantic feel. It almost made me shed a tear for the old Tank. It was very well edited and the music was very fitting. It created a sense of emotion in me and I believe that is [...]

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8-Mai-08 Elephants Live with Pieter and Rexon

I think seeing this baby elephant touched the hearts of most people, especially Pieter. It was lovely to hear the excitement in his voice when he suddenly caught a glimpse of this tiny elephant. Rexon did a fantastic job of focusing on the baby and I just loved the bit where it was trying to [...]

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Tanks for all the memories.

I've been writing something else, which I'll finish tonight, but last night whilst driving, I thought of the tank..and I wrote something down I thought you might enjoy, maybe appreciate.a toast to the Tank the Tank, the Tankhe was old and wornwith many operations and scars healed..Oh, but he drank, he drankhe drank petrol and [...]

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