I’ve been writing something else, which I’ll finish tonight, but last night whilst driving, I thought of the tank..
and I wrote something down I thought you might enjoy, maybe appreciate.
a toast to the Tank
the Tank, the Tank
he was old and worn
with many operations and scars healed..
Oh, but he drank, he drank
he drank petrol and oil and parts,
he drank brake fluid, clutch fluid, water and sweat.
sometimes he coughs and
sometimes he(you heard it) he farts!
but he was the first, even with his thirst and the Tank went, right to the end.
through every dip, and turn, and bump,
’round every bend..
and the Tank never sank.
he took you there,
there, there and there
big, bulky and bold.
now he’ll be sold.
and become just a car,
forgotten and old.
but he drove in the Sabie Sand,
on the internet and youtube,
on our beautiful earth,
since Wildearth’s birth.
go look for him,
you’ll find him there
’cause remember,
since WE went live,
he took you there.
my ode to the Tank,
so his story is told.
his stories
the Tank, the Tank
Written by Pieter Pretorius