Well it’s that time of the week again when we marvel at all of your creative work from the past seven days. This week has been exceptional and I have really enjoyed choosing the few that feature on this blog. There have been a number of new film-makers who have started to feature, so well done to you for giving it a go and please keep it up. If you want to see all the videos that have been created this week go to the WildEarth community.

Thanks to Accola, Aquila, Carol, Ms Charlie and the students, Daniel and Bandit0066 for the wonderful work featured below. keep it up, its in your nature!!
By Emily Wallington

For The Bird’s – By Banditt066
Well what can I say! Sagresta pointed me to this fantastic video on WE film-makers and I am extremely grateful to her for doing that. She mentioned that it is good as WE don’t often concentrate on the birds and I couldn’t agree more. Banditt I love it. The shots that you have used have been cleverly picked out and edited together. They are mostly good clear close-ups of stunning birds that have featured over time here at WildEarth. African birds are so colourful and varied and we don’t see enough of them on the Internet and TV. The music that has been used could not have been better. Firstly it is a beautiful song and secondly the lyrics are all about birds – what more could you ask for! Finally, I enjoyed the fresh new style that the video was featured in. All in all it is really a winner – well done again Banditt066.

WildEarth: A collage of photos by Accola
I really enjoyed the new style of stills photos taken from the blog instead of video taken from the stream. Its great to see photos of the crew and camp all together like this. The music was also very good a created a nice calm vibe which went well with the pictures. Thanks Accola and well done for the creative style. I especially likes the screwed up pieces of paper at the beginning with the titles on them.

Little Five Ant Lion – By Carol
I missed this drive so was very excited when I found this video from Carol. I think it is amazing to see such a small insect close up like that. The power of the camera lens is fantastic. Being able to see its eyes, skin texture and even the little tiny claws that were holding on to Pieter’s finger was fantastic. It was a lovey sighting and great that it sat for so long on his finger. It was interesting for me to see how it gets its name. The mane on its back was quite prominent. Thanks for this Carol. It is not often that we have recorded videos of small insects, it would be great to see more.

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YehaNoha By Aquila
I think it is a great idea to mix the African beauty with some North American Culture and Heritage. So many of our viewers are from North America and this really is an absolutely beautiful piece of music. Thanks Aquila for once again putting some fantastic pictures together. I like the fact that mostly all of the pictures are recorded from the waterhole. It makes a change to see the animals that come in and drink as opposed to the ones we see on drive. Well done.

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Raiders of Wildearth by Ms Charlie and the students
With the up coming release of the new Indiana Jones movie I absolutely had to include this one in the blog. It is cleverly put together with parts of the film mixed in with relevant sequences from WildEarth over time. The music is great and really makes me feel that our crew are hero’s, they will love it. Well done again to Ms Charlie and all the Students for being so creative. You always come up with so many good ideas – keep it up.

Find more videos like this on WildEarth.TV
This week @ Wildearth # 1 by Daniel Querido
This was the start of something that we would like to carry on with the help of you our audience. It is a weekly news update of what has happened both from the point of view of the animals and behind the scenes with the crew. This features the problems we have had with the baboons up our mast, changing from the Tank to the Jigger and various key bush characters such as Karula and her cubs. Daniel put it together with the help of Alex’s photography and Pieter’s presenting. Well done Dan, it has a nice flow and certainly gives people a glimpse of what really goes on. In the future we would like to make it slightly faster with a more newsy feel. However, this was a good start.