Djuma means ‘roar of the lion’ in Shangaan. To thousands of their guests over the years it means an everlasting memory of wildest Africa. To many like the guides: Charles, Amos, Ephraim and Handry, Djuma is home. It has become the birth place of WildEarth and AfriCam before that. To me it is about the animals, cameras and bush … and the people. But there is something exciting and special as you wake up here, that is really hard to put your finger on. It might be, I think, the sense that anything is possible. A surprise could be around the corner. That the ordinary won’t be found here … and that is due to its owners.

For the past 10 years (in August) I have been privileged to have known Jurie and Pippa Moolman, the owners of Djuma Game Reserve. Together we have broadcast more LIVE wildlife than anyone else. Along the way I have gotten to know this most dynamic, creative and special couple through good times and bad. Today I count them as close friends. They are good, honest and passionate people with a respect and love for wildlife, Africa and her people that is unsurpassed.
They have unfailingly believed in the concept of broadcasting LIVE wildlife when all others would not. They have listened, advised and helped make possible countless ideas that others laughed at. In the darkest hours of this dream of mine I have always been able to count on them. For this, and so much more, I will always be more grateful than I can express.
WE, and I, love and appreciate you guys … it’s in our nature.
Written by Graham Wallington