It’s 4 o’clock in the morning and despite the sleepiness, my eyes spring open. I realise I have the best alarm clock in the world.

‘Whooooooop’. A wandering hyaena greets the day.
Emily and Graham are helping me settle in and are checking that everything here at the WE office is on track. For a newcomer, it reminds you of a beehive. It looks like everyone is running in circles, but each person knows their purpose and persues it willingly. When the day is past, WE relax around a warm fire and I realise there shall never be a dull moment here at WE. Between Grahams contagious laugh, and Marco’s ever amusing stories about childhood pets, life at WE is cosy!
This mornings drive started on a good note. No mist and a beautiful sunrise. Pieter and Rexon tried their best to find a leopard this morning, hot on the trail of fresh tracks in the Twin Dams area, but to no avail. This afternoon at 3:30 CAT, don’t forget to join us for ‘Behind the Scenes’. Following that, WE will have Marco on camera and Rexon presenting on the game drive.
Written by Angie