Well this morning Pieter and Alex met up with the meanest, and now most infamous, coalition of lions WE have ever known … the Mapogos. The fella in the picture is the one Pieter has started calling: Shaka. That look in the eye really sent a shiver down Alex’s spine. He said it felt like Shaka saw right into his soul … a look only a Mapogo can have. As I am sure you have all begun to notice, WildEarth’s logo is the eye. Not any particular eye, just an animal’s eye looking back at us. It is meant to signify the watching that WE all do in the wild, but also the realization that the animals watch us too. That there is a connection between the crew on the Jiga, you the viewer and these beautiful animals.
It looks like the Mapogos killed a buffalo bull near Twin dams last night. Pieter thinks that it could have been one of the old dagga boys that WE have often seen around the area, and maybe one of Seesaw’s group. He ran into that small herd at Treehouse dam this morning and one of the other bulls had fresh cuts on his rump suggesting that he was in the wars over night. In any event there is quite a lot of meat so the Mapogos should be around for at least a day … maybe two.
The WildEarth social network has really taken off, which WE are really excited about. So many photos, videos, forums, groups and its awesome to read your Blogs and look at each persons personal profile page. Well done, we suspect that this will go from strength to strength. Some of the crew have created profiles already so go ahead make ‘friends’ with Pieter, Marco, Alex and Jan.
Pieter has gone on leave for two weeks, Rex is back and rested. Don’t forget that Marco will be
presenting this weeks behind the scenes action at 15h30 CAT on Friday afternoon (tomorrow). This weekend will be our second viewer produced highlights … and WE just can’t wait to see what you have in store for us.
(As I write this Rexon has already seen Rhino and Buffalo. We have had elephant at the waterhole … is this our second Big 5 drive of all time?)