Thanks to everyone for creating weekly highlights, WE have once again had some great viewing. It is great for us to see all the sightings that have happened throughout the week edited together with great music and voice over. Please keep them coming, WE love them and it makes us so proud that you are so creative and talented. Some of my favorites are ‘weekly highlights‘ by Sagresta and ‘A week of kitties‘ by koloakid but the winner this week is Shelbelle33 for her video called ‘A week of them watching us’.

Thanks for this Shelbelle. You really managed to get all the highlights in and the music was daring but it really worked. I would never have thought that rave music would work with animals but I loved it. The animals almost felt like they were moving in time with the music, it was great. Thanks again and please try again next week.
This week Marco will do his behind the scenes show at 15.30 CAT on Friday 20th June and then repeat it after the drive at 19.00CAT. WE hope that you enjoy it and that you give making a highights video a go.

(Notes and News: The Jiga has been over heating, as I am sure you have all noticed. Well Jan has spent the whole day trying to get the thermostat out, but for a variety of reasons has not yet succeeded. His farewell party is tonight so we have insisted that he stop working on it (he wanted to carry on). This means that the job is not yet done and the game drive tomorrow morning will have to be canceled … sorry. WE just cannot afford to drive the Jiga until this problem is fixed, if the engine broke because WE over heated it, the cost of replacement would be just too big … WE are sure that you understand … its in your nature.
Jan will be doing a farewell drive on Friday afternoon, but more about that in tomorrows Blog post … dedicated to Jan the man.
Don’t forget to send in your questions or discussion topics for the fire side chat this Sunday night to WE love this new show and look forward to hearing about what you want to talk about.)