We all sat around and watched and discussed …

Once again the weekly highlights have been great with lots of viewers creating wonderful videos. I have really enjoyed going through them and have been wowed at the editing and producing skills. From this week WE have decided to change the format slightly. The sighting week will run from Wednesday to Wednesday instead of Friday to Friday. Also instead of filming Pieter’s show LIVE on a Friday when he presents to you the sightings from the week, WE are going to pre-record it and add it to Marco’s behind the scenes show. This will be easier for you the filmmakers, as all the parts of the package will be shown together. It will still occur at 3.30pm CAT on Friday 13th June but this week Rexon and Marco will be doing the show as Pieter is on leave.
It was again extremely hard to pick a winner from the fantastic selection of highlight videos made. I would like to say a very well done to LadyVerde for Week In Review June 6, 2008, Aquila for WE Weekly Highlights May 30- June 6 2008 and last weeks winner Valorie for Wildearth Weekly Highlights WK2. Thanks also to Banditt066 for WildEarth Weekly Highlights, it was very well put together especially as I know that it is hard for you to see any of the drives during the week. They are definitely all worth watching and show a variety of different skills. However, this week I must make Sagresta the winner.

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Her video called Weekly Highlights was absolutely amazing. She had music that was well chosen and the editing is very professional. I personally enjoyed the use of effects and felt all in all it was a very good watch. Thanks Sagresta and well done.
Written by Emily Wallington