It is with great sadness that I have to tell you that our cameraman, the intrepid adventurer, Alex is leaving us. He has been manning the camera and bringing you Djuma LIVE for 8 months with out complaining or missing a beat. To say that he has been a much loved member of our team is a huge understatement.

He has decided to continue his African adventure and gain more varied experience as a wildlife filmmaker. I have no doubt that Alex will make an important impression on our industry and world. I am also confident that WE have not seen the last of him. The door will always be open for you Alex, and the Jiga will always wait for you. May the wind stay at your back, may the animals always perform for you and I personally hope that the tech gremlins never find you. WE will remain in your nature and hope that you will come back home one day … good luck.

Alex will be flying out on Thursday the 31st July, so his last drive will be on Wednesday afternoon.