Don’t you just love nature? I certainly do. It’s not the obvious things that get my attention though. In fact as I often say to the crew: ‘while I watch a lot of our LIVE video, I very rarely watch the content’. Mostly I watch the algorithms, the codec, the bandwidth, etc. Many of you probably think that is sad, and I suppose it is in a way. But I do enjoy the stills. Could be because LIVE wildlife was about stills for me first. Or because my dad got me hooked on wildlife photography when I was a kid, when he gave me my first camera. Or maybe there is a magic in just one moment that is difficult to appreciate when you are bombarded with 25 frames per second … but leaps into motion when it stands alone … like this stunner above.
As you are all probably very aware, the batteries on the Jiga are near the end of their natural lives. The winter drags on. The clutch on my old car will soon give up the ghost, two of our three drive cameras are in the shop and the sound remains a battlefield. Although I must say I am constantly amazed at how Pieter, Rex, Alex, Simpiwe, Marco, Motheo and the whole crew manage to continue delivering magic long after others would give up and long after logic says things should no longer work. I am very proud of this team. Every one of them a soldier. Motivated by love and passion, and fueled by an unrelenting will to broadcast … we are WildEarth, and WE have only just begun!
I am very proud of you all, the crew, the viewers and the animals … thank you. You are all stars, and it has always been in your nature … and it always will.