Kind of liked this shot of the two friends: Wonky and Pieter. WE have been seeing a fair amount of Wonky recently … and a fair amount of Pieter as well come to think of it.
Thought I would invite you to all join the official WE Facebook group if you are not already a member take a look. It’s amazing how many friends have been made over the years around these LIVE cams and their addictive views into the African wilderness. I have even heard stories of people getting married after ‘meeting’ in the communities that have sprung up. Obviously Facebook is a very big community and therefore a great way to stay in touch with all your WE and wildlife loving friends. As of today I have started using the event system within FB, so that you can diarise and remember to join us for the fire side chat that WE have every Sunday evening after the game drive. If you have questions that you would like the crew to answer, please send them to
Not to be forgotten, or out done by small social networks like Facebook, is our very own little social network dedicated to everything WE. If you haven’t already you must sign up to be a member, it’s free and it’s a great place to meet other WE addicts and to share your thoughts, videos, pics and so much more.
Marco and Alex are both back from leave, and both of these dynamic filmmakers are working on an exciting new show each, but more about that in a few days.