WE may think a leopard is illusive. Or believe we can comprehend the nature of this enigmatic cat. Finding his tracks on the dusty footprints of Land Cruisers and Land Rovers, I know the tracks are fresh, WE can feel he was here.

Suddenly, maybe just as WE think we can see him, he can disappear like the morning mist, or the last, lingering breath of a lion’s roar, the eagle as he vanishes into the blazing sun.

I’m trying to paint you the dappled picture, of what can be there, even when we don’t see him.

Like this morning. We saw his tracks, knew he was around, somewhere in the mystery of game drive possibilities…but stopping, looking at the beautiful nyalas, poised and serene. Relaxed.

Movement … like a shadow on the primal edge of awareness. Stalking the periphery of vision … a shape … all senses clear and aLIVE.

That was the moment, surrouding this morning’s surprise. A moment of sight, shared and felt by everyone there … by you … by us … together … WE … it’s in our nature.

Pieter Pretorius

(News: What an awesome sighting it was. You never know what’s going to literally jump out from one moment to the next. Well broadcasting LIVE from the African wilderness, day in and day out, is a bit like that as well. Today was no exception. Just after that amazing sighting the inverter ‘blew’ on the Jiga. For those of you that have been on this journey with us for a while will know that this can happen. There are many possible reasons for it and WE are busy trying to figure out what happened. But the implications are that WE will have to cancel this afternoons drive as well as both drives tomorrow while WE source a new inverter and get it transported to Djuma and installed. As always, WE are sorry about this, but as a team we promise that WE will work fast and sure to bring you back to us. In the meantime there will still be a fire side chat this evening at 19h00 CAT (Central African Time) … be there.)