Our Shangaan friend has worked his magic yet again! Trust Rexon to find us a leopard this morning. I’m not sure who was more excited, with Rexon doing a victory greet to the heavens, those in final control or the viewers at home sitting with anticipation in front of their screens. He truly knows how. ‘Mike and the 5 kids’ have fondly dubbed Rexon ‘The Leopard Tracker’ and Mike said that the kids get incredibly excited when they see Rexon is on the trail of a leopard. As for the male seen this morning, Rexon said he’s not quite sure exactly which male it was. He suspects one of the Safari females cubs but can’t say for sure. Last night WE heard lions vocalising and again this morning. Were they the Kahumas. Or were they the Mapogos? Only time will tell.

Not forgetting, the baboons are back in town. For those watching, they were at the waterhole just after game drive. Never a dull moment with these little fellas, they make for interesting viewing. Alas, they also make for a whole lot of trouble! Fingers crossed, they don’t climb towers or create havoc with any of the cables or camera’s. WE will be here 16h00 CAT ready to get out there and bring you the magic. Make sure you’re in front of that screen!