Firstly apologies for doing this today and not on Sunday. Unfortunately I was not able to get to a computer on Sunday. Anyway, you guys have once again excelled yourselves with your video making skills. I was astounded at how many have been made over the last week, I had hours of entertaining viewing so thanks. We have had some fantastic sightings, the bush is on fire at the moment (not literally). I want to start with the highlight of the week for me which was the huge buffalo herd. What a herd, It is the largest one I think I have ever seen.


Buff Herd at Sunset by Emjay

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This is absolutely stunning, there is no other way to describe it. The colours of the sunset with the dust in front are beautiful and the music fits wonderful with this perfect African scene. It really is what you think of when you think Africa. It was nice to see how blown away Rexon was at this and he has seen a lot of bush scenes in his time. It was estimated at 2500 buffalo which is amazing, I sure wish I had been there. Thanks to Emjay for catching this and putting such beautiful music to it.

Had a bad day Again by Shiloh

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This is a great idea for a video, I really enjoyed it. Its wonderful to see animals interacting, even if they are being cranky and moody. So often in the bush you see wonderful animals but they are just lying around. catching glimpses of behaviour like ion this video is great, it enables you to relate to them on a human level. I love the beginning when the buff are changing the lion and then it reverses and the lion are chasing the buff. Thanks shiloh, it was great editing, great music and some well chosen footage.

Its in their nature weekly by Ms Charlie and the students

It was great to see a video with lots of sightings from the week put together. I enjoyed it because we have had some fantastic sightings this week coupled with the fact that it was sprinkled with the crew shots and edited well to good music. thanks again Ms Charlie for a great highlight package.

Feathers by David Keen

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Thanks David for giving us birds. We do not see enough of them and there are so many beautiful and varied types. I love the fact that WE can see them up close. Normally when you are on the back of the game drive vehicle the birds are tiny specs in the trees. However, when looking through a camera lens you get to see all the detail and colour. Thanks also David for the music. It is one of my favourite tunes and very appropriate for this video.

Rhino Sounds by Banditt

Firstly its great to have a video from Banditt again, I have been missing your creations. This had me in absolute stitches, well chosen. Its just unbelievable, I have never heard such noise coming from one animal. Anyway, it kept me entertained and I hope it does you as well. Thanks Banditt.