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This week marks the anniversary of Rexon joining WildEarth. He joined in August 2007 and it has been a fun-filled, entertaining and extremely eventful year with him. Mr Rexon, otherwise known as 'eagle eyes' really does have the knack of finding us big animals. Whether it is one of our favourite leopard characters or a [...]

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WE-BiTS 9th August 2008

This week Marco out did himself. Certainly his best WE-BiTS so far. Take a look as Marco shows you how Neville came down from Johannesburg and managed to repair the sound at Gowrie waterhole ... thank you Neville. There is an amusing look at Pieter and Rory swapping out the batteries between the Final Control [...]

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WildEarth’s first LIVE kill!!

Well, there is not much that I can say. It was 10 years ago in August 1998 that we began the world's first wildlife broadcast from here at Djuma Game Reserve. I am humbled by the privelage of still being here 10 years on, to broadcast our first LIVE kill. especially as it is Safari, [...]

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WE – Behind The Scenes – 1 August 2008

Well here is Marco's second stand alone WE - Behind The Scenes (WE-BiTS) show. This week he takes us down to Gowrie pan to explain the problems with the leaking. Why it's happening and what is to be done about it. I know that he plans to give us all a follow up on this [...]

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Leopards …

When I am on Final Control director duty, I usually start off with a strong cup of coffee ... with this drive (Thursday) been Rexon's first WE afternoon drive since his leave ... I was looking forward to something special. So I buckled up and wished Rexon and Marco good luck for the drive. Twenty [...]

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