I can truly say that Marco will be missed. In the three months that he has been a part of the team he has made a very big difference. Marco is a very good man. He is smart, hard working, honorable, talented and a pleasure to be around. Since first meeting him I knew that Marco would be very successful at whatever he turns his hand to. Marco has been a director, camera man and presenter for WE. He has single handedly created the WildEarth Behind The Scenes show out of nothing. He has shot the show on his own camcorder, edited it on his own PC. He has worked alone late into the night doing what would normally be done by a team of people. He has done this whilst never neglecting all of his other responsibilities, and never once has complained even when he had every right to (you know what I mean Marco). The show has grown so much since he arrived and I have watched him constantly strive to improve every aspect of what he does. I am very proud that Marco joined us for a little while, and extremely grateful.
I, and the whole WE team, wish him every success with his next adventure and challenge and sincerely hope that he meets with nothing but success.
Marco, there will always be a place for you at WildEarth. And I know, and hope, that you will be back when you have done what you must. May the wind remain always at your back and may the road rise up to meet you … come back to us … WE are in your nature … and your future.
Graham Wallington
(note: It is always difficult to say goodbye to one of the WEcrew. I know that some of you get very attached to crew members and come to think of them as part of your extended family, and that is good. This just makes it that much harder when people move on. WildEarth will always have people moving on, not only because it is very hard work in a remote location, but also because WE are a sort of stepping stone. Young men and woman join us for a while to learn about wildlife filmmaking and themselves. Marco is going to the Kalahari where he will try to make his own wildlife film and make his way in this very difficult industry. I promise that WE will stay in touch with him and when the moment is right, and he and WE are ready, WE will get him back.)