Well it was one of those Mondays. WE have known for some time that the starter was going to give up the ghost on the Jiga. You see, starters don’t last long at WildEarth … as those of you that have been watching for a while have begun to notice. The reason for this is the constant stopping and starting that WE do. Anyway the crew kept it going as long as possible. Texan and Eric have had it out a few times but on yesterday afternoon’s drive it completely stopped doing it’s job. 
Texan went out to fetch Rex and Marco in the Bubaloo, and when he got them safely home, he took out the starter and went home to Dixie. Before dawn this morning he was up and heading for Hoedspruit where he is having it repaired and if all goes well, WE should be back on the road this afternoon for the drive. 
But that wasn’t the worst of it. Just before 17h00 CAT (Central African Time) one of our technicians made some major changes to the Origin server in Pretoria that distributes the Flash stream to Holland. It was an unscheduled upgrade that should not have happened when it did, he is very sorry, and it won’t happen again. It was really unfortunate that this should happen the day after WE stopped the Windows Media 9 broadcast at One Net Place. It makes it look like Flash is a less reliable system than WM9, which is so not the case. Flash now has more than 90% market share of all video streamed over the Internet and that is no coincidence. WE have had a lot of bad luck with this new system, but I assure you that in the end it is going to give you a whole bunch of functionality that you need and that WE need. It is also going to make a couple of things possible that you didn’t know you needed. Please be patient and gentle with us, WE are trying as hard as we can to get this right.
In future if you have any technical issues please please mail them to rather than to the Final Control. The crew in Final Control can’t do much to help you, but our tech teams around the world receive the webmaster mail and they can make a difference.
A big apology from the whole WildEarth team for yesterday’s mistakes. Soon WE will soar like eagles, and you will be able to say: “I knew them when they knew nothing.”