Well its been an interesting week in which Rexon has excelled in his leopard finding. Its been unbelievable. Virtually every drive has given us a leopard so well done Rex and thanks for all of your hard work. Pieter is now back which is great and he has carried on finding leopards. For the past few days Karula and her cubs have had a nyala up a tree, which has been great entertainment for all of us. So welcome back Pieter and welcome to our new crew members Herman and Pete. I am excited to have fresh blood in the camp and feel that both of these guys are going to be great assets to the team.
Today I have posted a couple of videos from the week but want to thank everyone again for recording and mashing so many of the sightings. It provides such entertainment for people but also allows people to see what they have missed. Above is one of the new video logos for WildEarth that we have just created, I hope you like it.

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Faces Of Djuma by wile1
I really enjoyed this and think that it is a great idea. Seeing all of our characters, both human and animal from when we began over a year ago is a lovely thing to have. It was good to see some old faces like Nick and Helen and I noticed that even I featured in it. Close up shots of animals are always a winner for me as I am sure that they are for you. To have some good detailed close up shots of our characters that show defining features etc is great, so thanks.

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Night of the Leopard by David Keen
David, you have done it again. Great music but what a wonderful story. I love the way that you have started with the beginning of the evening and shown us what happens during the night as it unfolds.The leopard drinking at the waterhole silhouetted against the moonlight is beautiful and the final shot of the leopard up the tree is a perfect ending for the night. Thanks David, once again you have created a very therapeutic video with a great story.