I am sure that you all agree that the highlight of this week was WildEarth’s first ever LIVE kill. Graham has featured it in the post below this one and I hope that you have all seen it. For me it was a sad and moving event that brought home the raw reality that WE face on a daily basis here in the bush. It was incredible to watch a moment like this LIVE and unscripted and to realise that this really is true nature. Thanks to everyone who recorded it for those who did not manage to see it LIVE.

WE have had a huge amount of wonderful videos made by you this week, I have truly enjoyed watching them. There has been some serious leopard action with Karula and her two cubs and obviously Safari. It was great to catch up with the Mapogo’s again and also some lovely ellie footage with our resident elephant man. Marco also made a great behind the scenes show featuring Alex and what he learn’t whilst he was here. Just as a quick update, Alex is safely in Cape Town at the moment and will soon be heading to Mozambique. WE wish him well.

Emily Wallington

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A Week At WildEarth by Koloakid

I must admit I do love weekly highlight packages. It is nice to see all the sightings from the week sprinkled with behind the scenes footage from our crew. It brings the week together for me because I don’t always get to see all the drives. I loved the music and felt it gave a true African bush feel. The shots of Pieter and the rest of the crew doing their thing also makes it feel so real and the passion they have shines through. Thanks koloakid,I really enjoyed this.

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Ellie -li -cous by Sagresta

What a wonderful little clip, thanks so much Sagresta. Firstly this type of music and small elephants seem to go so well together. It is almost like the elephant is actually hearing the music and performing for us. Baby elephants have so much character and personality, they make the perfect lead role in a film. This,coupled with great editing and transitions made it a perfect video for me. I especially liked the ending where the baby ellie ran across the grass with its tail up like a warthog – wonderful.

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Djuma Baby Faces by Colleen

Well, for those of you who know me this really appeals. For one I love seeing these tiny mini-me’s but secondly I am having a baby of my own so I am completely broody. Thanks for this Colleen, it made me very happy. The music was perfect, it sounded like a lullaby and I truly enjoyed the baby elephants and the baby hyenas. What a wonderful choice of videos, thanks.