This week marks the anniversary of Rexon joining WildEarth. He joined in August 2007 and it has been a fun-filled, entertaining and extremely eventful year with him. Mr Rexon, otherwise known as ‘eagle eyes’ really does have the knack of finding us big animals. Whether it is one of our favourite leopard characters or a regular ellie herd, his drives are always filled with excitement and suspense. He ended his first year with us by finding WildEarth’s first LIVE kill which Marco then filmed and WE broadcast to the world. I am happy for Rexon that he enabled the audience around the world to catch a glimpse of what happens in the bush everyday but is extremely hard to see. Congratulations Rexon on your first year here. WE think you are a wonderful asset to the team and hope that you grow with us for many more years to come. In addition to a wonderful tribute to Rexon, I have chosen two other videos that I felt were truly inspiring and extremely therapeutic. For those of you who have had a hectic week, put your feet up, grab a cup of tea or wine (depending on what time of the day it is for you) and enjoy these beautiful videos.

Rexon’s First Year with WildEarth by Pegscan
Thanks for doing this, it is a lovely tribute which I am sure that Rexon will be touched by. You have shown how much fun he has had with all the crew over the last year and how he has been such a good sport when showing us wildlife. From eating dung to wading into a muddy waterhole to look for catfish, he has given us so many entertaining moments.

Painted Africa by Blaze
Wow Blaze, this is truly an inspired bit of filmmaking and artwork. I am blown away by your creativity and can’t tell you how much I enjoyed watching it. I am not sure what program you did this on, but it is brilliant. I love the way that real footage turns subtly into art and the other way around. It is truly beautiful.You must have spent a long time making this and for that WE are very grateful. It is a new genre of video which I love. The serene music goes perfectly with the images and the whole thing was very relaxing. Thanks and well done.

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Twilight Moves by David Keen
Well WE can always rely on David to find an utterly beautiful piece of music. Once again you have excelled yourself in this department and it goes nicely with the video made by Blaze, in that it is truly therapeutic. The footage makes this a wonderful African scene. It makes me want to head to the bush right now. Your editing and transitions are beautiful, your video making skills have massively improved in a really short amount of time. Well done and thanks.