Well all of us at WildEarth continue to be totally bowled over by the generosity of our viewers. All of you are WEangels and very much a part of our family. The project to take the kids of Dixie to the movies has now received $1600.00 in donations. Thank you to our new angels for their donations: Simon Dilts, Lisa Selby, Carla Landy, Peter Defabio, Michelle Sundeen, Christine Connor, Curtis Yee, Lily Flanagan, Janine Noble, Patricia Kelly, Sharon Mcdorman, M. Miro and B. J. Chopra.
It now looks certain that WE will be taking more than just 25 kids and 5 adults. Emily is working to find more buses that can take more kids. We are even thinking about approaching the school in Utha (next closest village to Djuma, and the home of Simpiwe and Liesbeth). Obviously we have exceeded our original goal and WE could stop now, but it’s not in our nature, and we are going to see just how many kids we can take to the movies. WE promise that every cent will help put a smile on a kids face. So don’t give up now, tell all your friends on Facebook to join the cause, email everybody you know about this Blog, lets see how many kids we can get to the movies!!!On a different note, Herman has produced another glimpse behind the scenes at WildEarth. This time he shows how WE recovered from the nasty off air moment during a game drive last week when the main fiber optic cable failed. Well done Herman, your filmmaking skills are coming along well. WE all know how much work goes into making these shorts, particularly when you have all your normal responsibilities in such a small crew, it is appreciated.