WE are proud to announce that tomorrow at 09h30 CAT (Central African Time) will be the first WEwalk show. This will be the first time in history that a bush walk has been broadcast LIVE.Pieter will take us on this historic walk through the bush on Djuma Game Reserve. He has extensive experience walking with [...]

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WEchat launches tomorrow!!

 WE are proud to announce the second new show of the week ... WEchat. It's exactly what it sounds like, an opportunity to chat with our presenters LIVE. Starting tomorrow  at 10h30 CAT (Central African Time) and every week day thereafter you will be able to log on to the specially created new chat room in [...]

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WE-BiTS … Pieter’s (not Pete’s) pond!!

In this WildEarth Behind The Scenes (WE-BiTS) Herman takes us down to Pieter's Pond. WE have had problems with the drainage of our grey water for some time, and several months ago Pieter decided to sort it out once and for all. He began the construction of a system of soak aways. In the end [...]

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Pete has only been at WE a few weeks and he is already starting his own show ... WElearn. In this show Pete will tell us all about the little things that intrigue him at Djuma. A lot of the time he will teach us about the bird life, after all he is an avid twitcher [...]

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WE-BiTS 1st September 2008

A little late, but very good indeed. This is Herman's first WE-BiTS alone and WE are very impressed. It is a sad story. A goodbye to Marco, the previous producer of BiTS. Herman asks Marco several questions about what it was like to work at WildEarth and what his plans are now.

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Styx, Mapogo … lions and more lions!

What a day so far, Texan and Rexon this morning with a whole lot of lions!! Mapogos, Kuhumas and Styx females. . .and some cubs! I just heard and saw from the big smiles back at camp this morning. It has been months since WE saw any, of these lions. I went back around noon [...]

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