This look behind the scenes at WildEarth is all about Kerri Mello’s visit to Vuyatela. Kerri traveled all the way from Boston Massachusetts into deepest darkest Africa, and on her adventure she popped in for a brief stay at Djuma. Not only did she get to meet Karula and some of our other furry friends face to face, but she visited the WildEarth camp and hung out with crew. She even took control of the Final Control for a short while to broadcast to the world. In the end she got a hug and kiss from Pieter, something I know that will make a lot of you jealous … don’t worry … it’s in your nature. (lol)

It is always a pleasure to meet our viewers face to face. If you are planning a trip to Africa, or if you want to get away for an experience that you will never forget, go to and make a booking. If you talk to the Djuma reservations ladies very nicely, mention WildEarth and how much you love the animals at this special place, they may just give you a special deal. But one thing they will do is show you Africa the way it was meant to be seen … with heart and soul.
Come visit … it’s in your nature.