While the WildEarth crew slept, angels came in the night, and donated money to our cause!! WE now have $955.00 towards the trip to the movies because of the following WEangels: Stacy Manfredi, Peter Braat, Cathy M Glenney-Munro, Beverly Bailey, Michael Moss, Carol Roll, Barbara Ellington, Patricia Mulligan, Andrew Hudson, Sharon Mcdorman, Mike Merritt, Mary Schooley, Kathleen Lambert, Vicki Kiskamp and Jean-Pierre LEVY.

WE need about $1300.00 to take about 25 kids and 5 adults to the movies. But what with the amazing response of the WEangels, we are going to try and take more kids. Emily is working on finding more buses and growing this little project because of your AMAZING generosity. You are all stars and should be very very proud of yourselves. WE are going to make a lot of kids very very happy. 
Thank you. You are WEangels … it’s in your nature.