As many of you know we started a LIVE bush walk a few weeks ago. This involved Pieter Pretorius going out into the bush with Herman filming him close behind. Many of you will remember that our first walk threw up a rather exciting situation with a herd of elephants and in particular a rather angry matriarch. Pieter handled the situation in a way that only Pieter can with elephants and everything was calmed down very quickly. However, the unfortunate thing about this walk was the quality of the picture and sound. Graham and I have been wanting to do a LIVE walk for a long time and so Graham cobbled together some old eqipment from a previous film shoot just to give you guys a glimpse at what can be achieved. It was amazing to see but to be honest the quality was not really broadcastable. Now it is back with a whole new digital system that Graham and Pete Braat have implemented and it promises to be much better. Pete and Simon have been out testing it over the last few days and tomorrow (Wednesday 8th October 2008) WE will be ready to go properly LIVE with the WEwalk again. So be here at 09h00 CAT (Central African Time) tomorrow morning with Rexon presenting and Simon on camera to see the new and improved LIVE bush walk. WE would like to say thanks to Pete Braat who has been working really hard to get us the WEwalk back with this new equipment. Enjoy.